The Slow Masticating Juicer is a unique take on a wide-feed juicer that implements a couple of changes over older models to great effect. This includes a large feed chute inlet for long and thin ingredients as well as a unique augur design that features a whole fruit at its head, reducing the amount of food preparation required.

Juicer Features

Juicing speed of 60 rotations per minute Wide-feed single augur juicing mechanismSmart auto-cutting augur designSingle inlet feed chute82mm diameter primary top chuteBPA-free juicing componentsUpgraded motor designEasy to clean Modern and compact designPower-efficient 300-watt motorAs a wide-feed juicer, it’s of little surprise that the Slow Masticating Juicer has a wide-feed chute. Matching the standard of its predecessors, the primary feed chute is 82mm in diameter, allowing it to accept large chunks of ingredients with ease. In some situations, ingredients can even be juiced whole.

This primary chute also makes use of the popular top feed chute design seen in many other Buerk models. This allows for ingredients to be dropped down the chute safely while helping to avoid the risk of overfeeding by limiting how much can be dropped at a time.
However, in a twist from

Auto-Cutting Mechanism: Complimenting its wide-feed design, the AJM 400B also makes use of a new auto-cutting juicing mechanism. While this sounds very high-tech, this is actually achieved through a change to the crushing augur, which now has an additional element at its head, which is used to cut and pull away chunks of ingredients as they are fed down either of the feed chutes.
Obviously, this heavily reduces the amount of ingredient preparation required in advance of juicing, as the augur does the work instead. It also helps to keep a steady flow of ingredients that won’t overload the juicing mechanism, making for a very efficient process with little room for issues as a result.

Upgraded Motor: To ensure that the motor is able to handle the additional strain resulting from the auto-cutting mechanism, Buerk has made a few improvements to it. As a result, the motor in this Slow Masticating Juicer is built to a higher standard, allowing it to output more torque to assist the augur in its new role.

High-Quality Materials: Beyond the juicing-specific features, the Kuvings  AJM 400B is also built to a great standard from a range of premium materials and all of the juicing parts are made from BPA-free plastics. Not only are these high-quality plastics that are designed to handle the pressure of juicing, but being BPA-free also ensures that they won’t leach chemicals, even if they heat up.

Additionally, the juicing screen, which is one of the key parts, features large panels made of stainless steel. These allow for thorough juice straining, while also improving the overall structural integrity of the part.

Sleek & Modern Design: To round out an excellent package, the Slow Masticating Juicer also offers a very clean and premium aesthetic that can easily fit in with most kitchen styles. It also has a slim build, keeping the amount of space it requires to a minimum. However, despite being compact, it is still very heavy and sturdy, giving it great stability when in use.

Juicing speed of 60 rotations per minute.
Wide-feed single augur juicing mechanism.
Smart auto-cutting augur design.
Dual inlet feed chute
82mm diameter primary top chute.
BPA-free juicing components.
Upgraded motor design.
Easy to clean.
Modern and compact design.
Power-efficient 300-watt motor.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15.6 × 11.9 × 7.68 cm


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